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Preparing Your Homes HVAC System For Spring

Spring is in the air around Chattanooga, and with a new season comes a new opportunity to re-evaluate your home-energy usage and prepare for warmer months. To help kick off your eco-friendly home makeover, how about starting with an AC tuneup from Action Air! When the temperature starts rising, air conditioning systems begin working overtime. […]

Dry Skin In The Winter? You’re Not Alone

When you think about your skin’s health, heating and air conditioning is not going to be the first thing to come to mind. However, your HVAC actually plays a pretty big role when it comes to dry skin. The following tips will help you stay comfortable this winter without that dry itchy feeling.

Service Heat and Air Joins Action Air

I’m sure you may have seen our trucks with both the Action Air and Service Heat and Air logos on them. Well the cat is out of the bag and we would like to announce we are combining Service Heat and Air with Action Air. Service Heat and Air has built a reputation in the […]

AC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

Let face it, pets simply make life more enjoyable and are great companions. However, while they have their charms, they can also leave a mess behind. When it comes to regular AC maintenance, you’ll find that pet owners will need to take a few extra steps. If you have a furry friend living in your […]

How To Keep The Humidity Outside

We live in Chattanooga, and everyone around here knows that humidity in the summer comes with the territory. But how do  stop the humidity from coming into your home? Follow these tips to start enjoying the cool comfort of your home.

Generator Safety Tips

Portable electric generators can provide lifesaving benefits when your home or business is faced with a power outage. However, generators also come with their own set of risks. In order to ensure safety for yourself, your family, and the people working to restore power in your area, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

What Exactly Is The Auxiliary Options On My Thermostat?

Having a heat pump is one of the best options for fending off its occasional cold spells. A heat pump delivers you an air conditioner and a heater in one unit. People in colder northern climates usually need to have a hybrid system work with their heat pump so they can get enough warmth during […]

Should I Set My Thermostat Fan To On?

People can get confused about how to properly set their thermostat fan. Remember not to focus solely on the heating and air conditioning switches when adjusting the temperature on your thermostat. The fan switch shouldn’t also be neglected because it can highly affect the way that your HVAC comfort system works. The following guide gives you […]

Why Are My Vents Blowing Hot Air?

One of the most frustrating, and common things you have to deal with as a homeowner is problems with your air conditioning system. When you turn that air conditioning system on, and all you feel is warm air, what is the cause of this problem?  There is no one singular issue that you are likely […]

Lower Your AC Cost This Summer

Summers are hot in Chattanooga. We all know this. And did you know that the average homeowner spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills? Your heat and AC operating costs can account for as much as half of that. With these eight simple steps, you can stay comfortable, save money on your HVAC […]