pets and hvac

AC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

Let face it, pets simply make life more enjoyable and are great companions. However, while they have their charms, they can also leave a mess behind. When it comes to regular AC maintenance, you’ll find that pet owners will need to take a few extra steps. If you have a furry friend living in your home, here are four tips to help you prevent AC repair and ensure that everyone can relax in comfortable indoor temperatures.

Change Filters More Often

Generally, pets bring in more dirt and dander that people will because of the way they love to roll around in the grass and shake off as soon as they get inside. This means that your AC filter is filling up faster with dirt and dander, and you’ll need to clean it more frequently. If your filter is almost clogged when you change it every four weeks, go ahead and change your filter every three weeks to see if that makes a difference.

Try to Brush Pets Outside

If you’re groom your pets inside, you’ll be stirring up a lot dander that your air conditioner is going to work through each room and send to the filter. While some people will have animals that they can’t take outside, if you have dogs and cats that spend time in the yard, go ahead and grab a brush before the run in.

Check and Clean Vents Often

You’ll need to check vents and make sure that they aren’t filled with wads of hair, toys, socks, bones, and treats. Dogs like to bury and if they see an opportunity to get something through a vent, some will attempt it! Plus, the more you pay attention to the interior of your vents, the better idea you’ll have of how much hair and other elements are being left behind.

Visually Inspect the Outside Unit 

If you have dogs that love to dig, then you may find that they disrupt the pad that your air conditioning unit sits on. You want this part of your HVAC unit to be as level as possible, and it’s impressive how much a dog can dig when they are on a mission whether it’s burying bones or when they are on a scent of a smaller animal that might be hiding in the area of your system.